*** A message to the majority ***

Share if you feel compelled.


This message must reach the majority

To wake up and challenge the authority

As I voice this talking as the minority

In the world that I see we ALL are royalty


The world continues to grow off greed

So we must begin to plant this seed

A life can change with just one good deed

So that’s why I challenge you all to read

This is a sincere request; not mine to plead

Just know within we are all a different breed

The news my mind wont allow it to feed

I begin to think what it felt like to be freed

Alone on this quest or not; I will continue to lead

A feeling so strong from my soul this message I bleed


How far are we from the constitution

Is it fading away with our evolution

Where did we get lost, in the institution?

The time is slowly arising; begging for some revolution

Just an awakening with love and community; war and hate is no solution


Time to come to a close for those still here

Take time to ponder on the projected fear

This begs the question is the end near

So I love in the moment; This is our year

At this point the message should be clear


The time to shift is Now! Remember, WE THE PEOPLE are always in control. This is not 1776 anymore so it is much harder to get a voice heard. It takes us all!


What is the real truth to why we are here

Have the generations behind us made it clear

They all were in search of something dear

Time is against us with so much created fear

Is it all just created and portrayed to us all

Keeping us in a box, football is in fall

As for me I tune it out so I can answer the call

Inch by inch I will fight as I crawl

Just allow a moment for your mind to expand

If we can do this together we shall rise and stand

The powers to be dealt with are at hand

As for me I will fight and die for this land

What does it take to truly reach others

Awaken and get out from under those covers

We must grow with our thoughts and interaction

The alternative is to ignore and continue with distraction

It takes discipline to take time to look within

However, to ignore the facts I fear is to sin

Whether your black, white, women, or men

We all seek the same desires under our skin

We are slowly giving up our vision and mind

Pay attention and the energy within you will find

We are collectively rising and will use our mind

For the betterment of this generation, our mark on makind

I know the road is long and tough

The best things lay behind the rough

*** The Blackout ***


I see the world through my eyes
wondering if this is all a disguise
Religion seems to hate and divide
So I take a step back and look from the outside
As my thoughts begin to surface
I looked deeper for our purpose

The messages all seem the same
Religion is within us, so I claim
So it’s OK if you have a different view
I just thought I’d write this for a few

So if we can acknowledge others views of the Savior
One by one we can begin to change our behavior
We were told that Jesus was crucified
Yet many good people have all died

As I feel the energy within my soul
An army of one is my life’s goal
A higher power, i feel that most truly do believe
So The second commandment is what I perceive

It’s time to tear down these barriers of hate
Unified together as one with no other fate
Hope joy gratitude and do not forget love
Similar messages are being sent from above

Trapped as if we are playing in a game
Where all that matters is money and fame
The world blocked out my mind comes clear
I hear “Be still and listen” but have no fear
The message received, I must comply
I close my eyes and breathe a short sigh

As I awaken and become more aware
Unity, not war is what we must declare
With the world looking brand new
I slowly realize this is what I must do
Lets go because it’s more clear than before
Take thought with me so that we can explore

Different characters I feel we all play
Depending on what face we put on each day
The news, tragedies, and terrible events
We head from all our governments
Take a look inside come on let’s go
If we quiet the mind so does our ego

Turn on the news and don’t you fill Eery
So is it true or a conspiracy theory
All that we know is what we are told
So this line of questioning is what I unfold
This message is not a truth or dare
One nation under God let’s finally declare

If only we could become one powerful community
Maybe no matter our views we will find immunity
All of us masked with the different face
When everyone is just looking for Grace

So let’s start thinking outside the box
The walls come down and off come the locks
We are all one and unique
So the truth is all that I seek
Start to pay attention and you will see the signs
Hidden around us with different unique designs

This message is not to stir up Any hate
Just a different view which we all can relate
It starts formed for the sole purpose of unity
It’s time to come together, let go of scrutiny

This message is now coming to an end
Intuition tells me there’s more I’ll send


WRITTEN/SPOKEN OUT BY GARY THOMPSON III ON 3/17/18 I TALKED DURING DRIVE and SIRI TYPED. UNEDITED. TITLE after discussion of this on the phone was titled “Blackout” by Andrew Bryant.



*** The Awakening Has Begun ***

If I speak my voice will anything be changed?

Or will we continue to be played, rearranged

Slowly taking away our fought for rights

Then secretly publicizing fabricated fights

Anything to keep us wondering in the nights

Programming us to see nothing but distracted sights

However, if we break the mold we shall shine our lights

Has anyone felt or acted differently recently

Just pay attention because its time that we finally see

It is time for us all to come together and just be

In this formation of a collective community were free

Growing like a seed that planted and was the life of tree

As is above, so is below

This saying was to show

The balance within us allows us to grow

Our birthrights they shall finally bestow

The Time is here to Awake

Our souls they cant take

For it is OUR world to Make


These Parables I speak for those who seek

Words of wisdom to help pick up the weak

In this world we are all Queens and Kings

Yeah, we are all the Lords of the Rings


I am only here to speak my truth

To the elders all the way down to the youth

We are all ONE from our divine creator

On the subject there’s no need for a debater


We are taught to look for some kind of fame

Caught up in trying to win this so called game

I found my way out, but question who’s to blame

Because in truth we really are all the same

Working countless hours trying to maintain

Our bodies and minds over time they drain


I knew this was my destiny since I was a child

26 years to figure it out yeah that’s pretty wild

With my lucky number being seven

I am aligned with my inner heaven


I’m allowing my true self the chance to be seen

To voice the realization; to redeem

For everything is not what it may seem

That is why a community is built like a team


My fate or quest is not to become a martyr

These thoughts were just set like a charter

The possibility of  be heard across every water

To every woman, man, a son and/or daughter


What I seek to gain is not of revenge

A collective call of action to stop the avenge

I’m simply trying to level the playing field

I put on my armor and hold up my shield


Looking outside everything seems vague

When the TV is on; exposed of various plague


Each moment your mind gives you a choice

To act with love or fear with that small inner voice

Live today and let death take us as we all die

For in this life we must leave that up to the most high

Many ancient texts have been revealed

So how much more is still being concealed


This change certainly will not happen overnight

So lets try to come together, focused and our minds right

For if we do this our inner selves will not lose sight

Strength in numbers we grow with might; to stay in the fight