The Golden Age or The Age of Deception

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

In Today’s world everything throughout the day is dressed with duality. There are two ways of looking at everything. In taking thought, we can choose to take a step back and view everything from every angle to come to our own conclusion. The problem is that with the advancement of technology in society, it makes it much more difficult to arrive at our own conclusions when it seems as if we are controlled to define everything as we are told. The only way out is to reach consciousness on our own and collectively rise above what is holding us back.

From my reading of Brad Olsen’s Modern Esoteric: Beyond our senses, I came to a very interesting and good point that touches on this:

Questioning everything we have learned is the first step. The wisdom of critical thinking allows us to see through this wilderness of mirrors. A fearless open-minded wisdom is the ability to examine every issue from every angle, no matter how threatening some of those conclusions might be.  A true researcher will leave no stone unturned and attempt to learn every concept from every angle. AS AN EXAMPLE, Very few people know that the original Greek translation of apocalypse can also mean a “Revelation” of something hidden, or the “lifting of the veil.” However, the common perception of an apocalypse is all doom and gloom. In its proper context, apocalypse is a disclosure of something deliberately kept from the majority of humans in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. Far from being a terrifying experience, apocalypse represents the revealing of the true nature of things. It ushers in an era of forgotten freedoms and unprecedented clarity. This “lifting of the veil” will set us free from the misery that has been the result of our ignorance based on deception. Wisdom is knowing the difference.


After reading this passage it brought me to an interesting point that we all might have missed. Think about everything that you know and also allow yourself to step back into the unknown. How do you arrive at most of your conclusions, thoughts, or perception of reality and what is real? Most of the time it comes from what we are taught, what we are told, what we hear, and many other ways that is conveniently set in place to steer us in a particular direction.

So if wisdom is the ability to examine every issue from every angle, it looks like we have some work to do. This is a message for all, because if we are honest with ourselves and to each other we all are constantly learning. Let us put this new method into place and set wisdom with new terms that begins with simple things like being compassionate, loving ourselves and one another, great multitudes of gratitude, forgiveness, respect, and most importantly LOVE. IF we can start to consistently examine all things and have these tools in place then it could lead to a lot of good for everyone.

Let us remember the importance of service, but not in just ourselves: Service to each other. True knowledge must be desired and it will always be available to those who search for it. “Seek and ye shall find.”

The future of this world is controlled by us as individuals. We can choose to continue to go in the direction of being controlled in our thoughts and actions, which will truly lead us into the Age of Deception OR we can begin to change. With this change this could truly be the Golden Age, which is an era so beautiful and great for all. We as individuals hold more power to not just our own day but others day every single day whether we realize it or not. Choose to view the good side of things, because we cannot change what has already happened so we must do our best to do good as we move forward. The Golden Age is an age where we rise up one by one together to arrive at the Truth of everything, which is readily available and waiting on each one of us.

Let us choose to rewrite the history books and be the names that will go down in history as a generation of people who changed the world for the better from the Age of Deception to the Golden Age.

So as I come to an end I only have two questions:

  1. Did you get anything out of this article that will help change things?
  2. Will we make this the AGE OF DECEPTION OR THE GOLDEN AGE.

*** A message to the majority ***

Share if you feel compelled.

This message must reach the majority

To wake up and challenge the authority

As I voice this talking as the minority

In the world that I see we ALL are royalty


The world continues to grow off greed

So we must begin to plant this seed

A life can change with just one good deed

So that’s why I challenge you all to read

This is a sincere request; not mine to plead

Just know within we are all a different breed

The news my mind wont allow it to feed

I begin to think what it felt like to be freed

Alone on this quest or not; I will continue to lead

A feeling so strong from my soul this message I bleed


How far are we from the constitution

Is it fading away with our evolution

Where did we get lost, in the institution?

The time is slowly arising; begging for some revolution

Just an awakening with love and community; war and hate is no solution


Time to come to a close for those still here

Take time to ponder on the projected fear

This begs the question is the end near

So I love in the moment; This is our year

At this point the message should be clear



The time to shift is Now! Remember, WE THE PEOPLE are always in control. This is not 1776 anymore so it is much harder to get a voice heard. It takes us all!


What is the real truth to why we are here

Have the generations behind us made it clear

They all were in search of something dear

Time is against us with so much created fear

Is it all just created and portrayed to us all

Keeping us in a box, football is in fall

As for me I tune it out so I can answer the call

Inch by inch I will fight as I crawl

Just allow a moment for your mind to expand

If we can do this together we shall rise and stand

The powers to be dealt with are at hand

As for me I will fight and die for this land

What does it take to truly reach others

Awaken and get out from under those covers

We must grow with our thoughts and interaction

The alternative is to ignore and continue with distraction

It takes discipline to take time to look within

However, to ignore the facts I fear is to sin

Whether your black, white, women, or men

We all seek the same desires under our skin

We are slowly giving up our vision and mind

Pay attention and the energy within you will find

We are collectively rising and will use our mind

For the betterment of this generation, our mark on makind

I know the road is long and tough

The best things lay behind the rough



Why are we really here? Is it an accident of birth or perhaps a choice before birth to learn and love. If we have a desire to change ourselves for the betterment of society and ourselves then money and power will take a backseat. A very influential spiritual man around the 20th Century had some observations about this. His name was George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. His daughter layed out some steps to help along those on the path of self betterment below.


  1. Ground your attention on yourself. Be conscious at every moment of what you are thinking, sensing, feeling, desiring, and doing.
  2. Always finish what you have begun.
  3. Whatever you are doing, do it as well as possible.
  4. Do not become attached to anything that can destroy you in the course of time.
  5. Develop your generosity-but secretly.
  6. Treat everyone as if he or she was a close relative.
  7. Organize what you have disorganized.
  8. Learn to receive and give thanks for every gift.
  9. Stop defining yourself.
  10. Do not lie or steal, for you lie to yourself and steal from yourself.
  11. Help your neighbor, but do not make him dependent.
  12. Do not encourage others to imitate you.
  13. Make work plans and accomplish them.
  14. Do not take up too much space.
  15. Make no useless movements or sounds.
  16. If you lack faith, pretend to have it.
  17. Do not allow yourself to be impressed by strong personalities.
  18. Do not regard anyone or anything as your possession.
  19. Share fairly.
  20. Do not seduce.
  21. Sleep and eat only as much as necessary.
  22. Do not speak of your personal problems.
  23. Do not express judgement or criticism when you are ignorant of most of the factors involved.
  24. Do not establish useless friendships.
  25. Do not follow fashions.
  26. Do not sell yourself.
  27. Respect contracts you have signed.
  28. Be on time.
  29. Never ency the luck or success of anyone.
  30. Say no more than necessary.
  31. Do not think of the profits your work will engender.
  32. Never threaten anyone.
  33. Keep your promises.
  34. In any discussion, put yourself in the other person’s place.
  35. Admit that someone else may be superior to you.
  36. Do not eliminate, but transmute.
  37. Conquer your fears, for each of them represents a camouflaged desire. 
  38. Help others to help themselves.
  39. Conquer your aversions and come closer to those who inspire rejection in you.
  40. Do not react to what others say about you, whether praise or blame.
  41. Transform your pride into dignity.
  42. Transform your anger into creativity.
  43. Transform your greed into respect for beauty.
  44. Transform your envy into admiration for the values of the other.
  45. Transform your hate into charity.
  46. Neither praise nor insult yourself.
  47. Regard what does not belong to you as if it did belong to you.
  48. Do not complain.
  49. Develop your imagination.
  50. Never give orders to gain the satisfaction of being obeyed.
  51. Pay for services performed for you.
  52. Do not proselytize your work or ideas.
  53. Do not try to make others feel for you emotions such as pity, admiration’s, sympathy, or complicity.
  54. Do not try to distinguish yourself by your appearance.
  55. Never contradict; instead, be silent.
  56. Do not contract debts; acquire and pay immediately.
  57. If you offend someone, ask his or her pardon; if you have offended a person publicly, apologize publicly.
  58. When you realize you have said something that is mistaken, do not persist in error through pride; instead, immediately retract it.
  59. Never defend your old ideas simply because you are the one who expressed them.
  60. Do not keep useless objects. Do not adorn yourself with exotic ideas.
  61. Do not have your photograph taken with famous people.
  62. Justify yourself to no one, and keep your own counsel.
  63. Never define yourself by what you possess.
  64. Never speak of yourself without considering that you might change.
  65. Accept that nothing belongs to you.
  66. When someone asks your opinion about something or someone, speak only of his or her qualities.
  67. When you become ill, regard your illness as your teacher, not as something to be hated.
  68. Look directly, and do not hide yourself.
  69. Do not forget your dead, but accord them a limited place and do not allow them to invade your life.
  70. Wherever you live, always find a space that you devote to the sacred.
  71. When you perform a service, make your effort inconspicuous.
  72. If you decide to work to help others, do it with pleasure.
  73. If you are hesitating between doing and not doing, take the risk of doing.
  74. Do not try to be everything to your spouse; accept that there are things that you cannot give him or her but which others can.
  75. When someone is speaking to an interested audience, do not contradict that person and steal his or her audience.
  76. Live on money you have earned.
  77. Never brag about amorous adventures.
  78. Never glorify your weaknesses.
  79. Never visit someone only to pass the time.
  80. Obtain things in order to share them.
  81. If you are meditating and a devil appears, make the devil meditate too.


Recorded in The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowski.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Buckminister Fuller

“Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds.” – David Deida

Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Truth passes through three stages:

  1. It is ridiculed
  2. it is violently opposed
  3. it is accepted as being self-evident

Proverbs 12:19 says “Truth stands the test of time; lies are soon exposed.”

Become a freedom fighter. “Fear nothing and advance the causes in which you believe, for now is the time to stand up and be counted amongst those whose minds are free.”


All this is unspoken (draft)

A heart can feel broken

From all that is unspoken

I sit and wonder how you feel

Then pray that your heart will heal

You are in my every breathe I take

For without you all seems so fake

Hope is what keeps me going each day

Then at night daydreaming as I lay

Will you leave or take a chance and stay

So I wake up, do it all again and just pray



The Sun and the Shade

I am the creator of my own reality

The one with both sides of duality

Living in both the sun and the shade

Wondering which will be the first to fade

Given to us by the the Most High

The one who shows us how to fly

Where we all get to see when we die

So I don’t give a thought to the material

Instead I look up into the sky for the Spiritual

Then I use the energy around to bring Forth

The only truth, the spirit, The True North

So I can’t listen to the masses and conform

For in this life I willfully have been reborn

So I will continue to listen as I am taught

Whatever I face; my soul cannot be bought

I will continue on my path of doing good

As a student and learning as I should

On this belief I will continue to listen and  preach

Till there is no one left for this message to reach