The time to shift is Now! Remember, WE THE PEOPLE are always in control. This is not 1776 anymore so it is much harder to get a voice heard. It takes us all!


What is the real truth to why we are here

Have the generations behind us made it clear

They all were in search of something dear

Time is against us with so much created fear

Is it all just created and portrayed to us all

Keeping us in a box, football is in fall

As for me I tune it out so I can answer the call

Inch by inch I will fight as I crawl

Just allow a moment for your mind to expand

If we can do this together we shall rise and stand

The powers to be dealt with are at hand

As for me I will fight and die for this land

What does it take to truly reach others

Awaken and get out from under those covers

We must grow with our thoughts and interaction

The alternative is to ignore and continue with distraction

It takes discipline to take time to look within

However, to ignore the facts I fear is to sin

Whether your black, white, women, or men

We all seek the same desires under our skin

We are slowly giving up our vision and mind

Pay attention and the energy within you will find

We are collectively rising and will use our mind

For the betterment of this generation, our mark on makind

I know the road is long and tough

The best things lay behind the rough


7 thoughts on “*** THE TIME TO SHIFT ***

    1. Thank you very much! I am not sure why, but the blackout happened with my recorder on a long drive. Since then I felt compelled to keep pushing material to where it is shared with masses. There is a message this generation needs to hear. So we can rise up and lead as you say.

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      1. Thank you! I honestly just started with the blackout last week unintentionally! I don’t know the first step to publishing, but I do know my purpose is to send out this message to anyone and everyone! In today’s time unity and community is our only chance!

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